Web Design and Digital Marketing For Gyms and Fitness Studios

Our websites and digital marketing solutions help gym owners show up in Google and attract new students without the headache of figuring everything out for themselves.

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Services We Offer

Website Design

We build stunning gym websites that work well on all devices and convert visitors into students.

Lead Generation

We help gym owners get more leads in their inbox and convert them to trial members with search engine marketing and Facebook ads.

Lead Nurture / Member Retention

We don’t stop at lead generation… after you have new leads, we set up automated lead nurture sequences that lead to new trials and member sign ups without any work on your part.

Where Most Gyms Get It Wrong

Example of bad martial arts website design

Bad Design

Why is this bad website design? We can’t even read the class times to schedule a visit!

DIY solutions put too much faith in technology’s ability to “just make things work”. The majority of gym websites today are almost unusable on mobile devices, and that’s where around 90% of your traffic is coming from.

Additionally, even though your needs are not super complex, there are real consequences to things not working right. For example, how would you even find out that your contact form stopped working on your website? Do you have potential students trying to register for a free class but never receiving a response?

Good Design

What makes this good? Appropriate font sizes. Things are easy to read on mobile, etc.

Imagine a world where new students come in week after week and when you ask them how they found out about the gym the answer is always the same – “the website”. Having a professional looking website is the first step in building confidence in your students that they are in good hands.

Meanwhile, you get monthly status updates from a team that’s actively maintaining your website, fixing problems that arise, and is always looking for ways to make you look better and grow your student base.

How To Start Attracting New Students

On AutoPilot In Less Than 5 Minutes

My wife Ashley and I built Brave Gym Marketing to help gym owners put their marketing on autopilot so they can keep focusing on what they do best – running an amazing gym.

  • 1. Attract Your Ideal Student

Better Website Design

Your website is a visual representation of your gym and, for many, it’s the only thing they’ll see before making a decision about whether or not to stop in your gym and give it a try. Make it count.

  • 2. Get found by Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re not on the first page in Google when someone searches for “BJJ gyms in (Your City), (Your State)” or “Crossfit gyms near me” you’re missing out on one of your biggest potential sources of traffic. Fix that.

  • 3. Expand your reach

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Next to ranking high in Google’s search results for gyms in your area, having your ads show up on Facebook and Instagram is the best way to expand your reach and bring in new students.

Student Resource bundle


Student Resource Bundle

Download this free student resource bundle to re-use for your own gym and “wow” your students before and after their first class.

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