One of the biggest keys to converting visitors into paying members and encouraging members to take advantage of all the resources you offer is to make every step of the process extremely easy for them.  In this article, I’ll share some ideas for how you can use QR codes to make it easy for people to use their phone to make a purchase or register for an event at the moment they are thinking about it.

How to Create a QR Code

If you don’t already know, a QR code is a unique image that directs people to a website when it’s scanned using a cell phone.  Here are two websites where you can easily create QR codes yourself that direct to any link you want: – This website makes it easy to create a basic QR code.  You can even customize it by adding your logo or text that says “Scan Me!”  If you sign up for an account, you can track how many people have scanned each QR code you create.

The QR Code App on Canva – Canva is a free graphic design software, and it has a built in QR code generator as well.

Now that you know how to create a QR code, here are some ideas of all the things you can enable gym visitors and members to easily do by scanning a QR code:

1. Register for a free class.

Post a sign with this QR code in the window or on the door of your gym to make it easy for people passing by to snap a picture.  This will also help first-time visitors easily check in if no one is available to greet them when they arrive and didn’t register ahead of time.

If you don’t yet have a way for people to register for a free trial, an easy way to set it up would be to create an email signup form that automatically responds with an email that confirms their registration.

2. Sign a waiver.

Make it easy for first time attendees to sign a liability waiver on their own without having to wait on a staff member.  If you already have an online waiver signing system, you can link directly to that.  Otherwise, I recommend trying out Wherewolf, an online waiver signing system that is free to use for up to 50 waiver per month and gives you a QR code to post.

3. Pay a drop-in fee.

Encourage visitors to feel welcome by making it easy for them to pay if they decide to drop in at the last minute.  Assuming they’ve already joined your email list (at their initial free visit), a link to Venmo or PayPal would be an easy way to handle payment if you don’t already have a system in place.

4. Purchase a membership.

If at the end of their first visit someone is ready to buy, make it as easy as possible for them with a QR code that links directly to wherever they need to go to sign up for a membership!

5. Purchase snacks and beverages.

Let members easily pay for a bottle of water or a protein bar by scanning a QR code with their phone instead of having to remember to bring cash or type a website address.  Again, you can just link to Venmo, or if you have an online store where these items are listed you can link to it.

6. Make an online purchase.

If you do have an Online Store, a poster featuring some of the cool stuff you sell (if you don’t keep physical items in stock) along with a QR code will make it easy for people to shop.  If you sell branded t-shirts and other gear, you could display a few of them in your gym or studio with a QR code for people to scan if the need to go online to order.

7. Subscribe to your newsletter.

Presumably you already have all your members’ email addresses, but if you don’t want to automatically subscribe all members to your newsletter you can encourage them to subscribe by scanning this QR code.  If you don’t have an easy way for people to join your newsletter, you can create an email signup form for free using an email service provider with a free plan such as ConvertKit (affiliate link).

8. Follow your social media pages.

If you’re not actively encouraging your members to follow your social media pages, chances are they won’t think to do it on their own.  Make it easy for them to do it when your gym or studio is most at the top of their mind by displaying QR codes linking to your social media accounts and groups.

9. Connect to WiFi.

This can be especially useful if the phone reception is bad in your area.  Go here to create a QR code that will instantly connect people’s phones to your WiFi (you’ll need some info from your modem).

10. Register for an event.

If you’re making a poster or flyer to advertise an upcoming event, add a QR code to make it easy for people to register or find more info without having to type a long URL.

11. Book a private lesson, consultation, or coaching session.

Remind your members about additional services you offer such as private lessons, personal training, or nutrition consultations, remind your members with a poster or flyer and a QR code they can scan to book an appointment.

12. Download your app.

Does your gym have an app for its members to use?  If so, use a QR code to make it easy for people to find and download.

13. Leave a review for your gym.

Many people are more than happy to review small businesses they value but just need to be reminded to do so.  A QR code can make it easy for students to write a review at the moment they’re thinking about it.

14. Share anonymous feedback.

If members have a negative experience at your gym or studio or want to make a request or suggestion about how to improve things, they might feel hesitant to speak up.  Make it easier and help maintain a healthy culture by providing a QR code with a link to an anonymous feedback form.  (Google Forms is a simple and free way to create a form that will work for this purpose.)

15. Enjoy a laugh.

With all the other fancy new QR codes you’ve posted around the gym, they’ll never see this one coming:

Rickroll QR Code graphic

How to save time when making signs with QR codes

To save you time, we’ve created templates for all the ideas on this list that are typed up and ready for you to copy and paste in your unique QR code.

Picture of QR code templates

To download the templates for free, fill out the form below!

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