How It Works

How It Works2023-09-17T13:38:42-05:00

What if you could consistently count on your website to drive new students to your gym?

Where Most Gyms Get It Wrong

Example of bad martial arts website design

Bad Design

Why is this bad website design? We can’t even read the class times to schedule a visit!

DIY solutions put too much faith in technology’s ability to “just make things work”. The majority of gym websites today are almost unusable on mobile devices, and that’s where around 90% of your traffic is coming from.

Additionally, even though your needs are not super complex, there are real consequences to things not working right. For example, how would you even find out that your contact form stopped working on your website? Do you have potential students trying to register for a free class but never receiving a response?

No Follow Up

Something like 90% of your website visitors will never step foot in your gym – but it’s not because they’re not interested…

Most of those people really do have a desire to start training (or go to a different gym), but for whatever reason it feels like too big of a commitment and they just aren’t ready to pull the trigger today.

So they’ll just leave your site and move onto the next thing….

How We’re Different

Professional Quality Web Design

What makes this good? Appropriate font sizes, things are easy to read on mobile, high quality images, etc.

Imagine a world where new students come in week after week and when you ask them how they found out about the gym the answer is always the same – “the website”. Having a professional looking website is the first step in building confidence in your students that they are in good hands.

Meanwhile, you get monthly status updates from a team that’s actively maintaining your website, fixing problems that arise, and is always looking for ways to make you look better and grow your student base.

Automated Email Follow Up

Not having an automated email sequence in place is like having a bucket full of water with holes drilled in the bottom…

As a result a very low percentage of your website visitors will ever become students at your gym.

The Brave Martial Arts Website Platform completely automates your follow up with a built in email newsletter and a customizable, pre-written follow up sequence that is guaranteed to convert more website visitors into students.

Picture of an email follow up sequence from
Picture of a martial arts gym running facebook ads

Retargeting With Ads (Add On)

Did you know that 94% of your website’s visitors are going to leave the site without taking any action?

By installing a retargeting pixel on your website, we can reach these visitors on Facebook and offer them your latest promotion with a targeted ad.

This, in combination with email follow up, is the secret sauce digital marketers use to build powerful ad campaigns that drive more students to your door every month.


The Brave Done-For-You Martial Arts Website Platform

Image of a jiujitsu website designed by

Instead of spending weeks trying to figure out exactly what pages you should have, what each page should say, how to make it look good, and what pictures you should use…

You can get your site launched in two weeks or less with copy written by professional copywriters who are martial arts practitioners ourselves.

P.S. We build websites for all types of martial arts gyms – we just do BJJ ourselves and decided to make the marketing materials with a jiujitsu website :)

What’s Included?

  • Custom Website Design$3499 Included

    With our platform you’re not getting a dumb, one-fit-for-all solution. You’re going to get an actual custom designed website built by real people (probably built by Ashley and managed by Josiah) who have spent years streamlining our tools and honing our craft so we can offer great design at rock bottom prices.

    The thing is, we really hate bad design, so you’re not going to be able to get an ugly or unusable website if you work with us.

  • Professionally Written Content$749 Included

    Most non-professional marketers don’t understand how important copywriting is to your website. The most common mistakes we make when writing copy (writing from our own perspective instead of a students perspective) is a habit that even professionals take years to work past.

    We know how to focus on your gym’s most important attributes and use them to attract your ideal students to your gym.

    Most copywriters actually charge $500-$1500 for this service alone in other industries, but we have been able to streamline the process by focusing in on one specific industry.

  • Email Newsletter – $49/mo Included

    Our built in email newsletter is the secret to turning cold website visitors who are poking around your site into warm leads who are ready to take the next step!

  • Prewritten Email Sequences – $499 Included

    Utilize and customize our professional pre-written email follow up sequences to start building a relationship with your students before they even step on the mat.

  • Student Freebie Setup – $249 Included

    Utilize our free downloadable resources in combination with free trial classes (optional) in exchange for contact information. This, along with an automated follow up sequence, is the secret sauce in building your email list into a gold mine of new student signups.

  • Private Technique Library – $449 Included in Premium

    Build your own private technique library that’s easy to manage and easy to access.

  • Custom Gym Schedule Tool – $999 Included

    One of students’ biggest complaints when looking at martial arts gym websites was that it was difficult to read their gym schedule and see which classes were available to them at what times.

    We realized that most of the tools gym owners were using were mainly designed to be used on desktops or laptops, but about 80% of the gyms traffic was coming from mobile devices!

    To solve that problem we built a custom gym schedule tool to make sure students can find what they need on your site easily and make it to the next open class!

    P.S. Savings based on estimated cost to have this built yourself :)

  • Instructor Section – Included

    We made it super easy to add or edit your instructors along with their profile photo and biography.

  • FAQ Section – Included

    Add your own FAQs or let us help you write some. Trust us – your students will thank you.

  • Blazing Fast Web Hosting Included

    We handle all of the hosting so you never have to think about things like DNS or server configuration. (That stuff sucks even if you’ve been doing it for a long time.)

  • Website Content Delivery Network (CDN) Included

    Did you know that if your site doesn’t fully load in the first 2-3 seconds many or most of your potential website visitors will not wait around? Imagine losing potential students just because your website didn’t load fast enough…

    That’s why, in addition to hosting your site, we set up a CDN to make sure your site is served super quickly to visitors from all over the world.

  • Site Security $49 Included

    We add an SSL certificate to every site to prevent common cyber security attacks and provide monthly security updates and patches to make sure nothing goes wrong.

    It’s crazy that you’d even have to think about this, but we’ve had clients who hosted themselves for about a year before we received a panicked email one day that there was “adult content” on their website. Turns out they didn’t keep their site up to date with security patches and one of their plugins was compromised!

    Don’t be that guy!

  • Site Backups $49 Included

    We back up your site regularly so you never have to worry about “breaking” anything, losing updates you’ve made, or a server crash causing you to have to rebuild your site.

  • Unlimited Pages Included in Standard+

    Support for adding as many pages as you need. We’ll also keep your site menu organized as we go to keep things from getting out of control.

  • Online Gear Shop Optional Premium Add-on

    Make it easy for your students to purchase uniforms, t-shirts, and swag with your gym’s logo by having an online store on your website.

  • Unlimited Email Support Included

    All of our plans offer unlimited email support in case you have questions about your site. We also offer paid consultations for more broad questions related to your digital marketing strategy.


Prices shown below are for the one time site creation setup fee.


$995setup fee
  • Single Page Website
  • 1 Set of Revisions
  • Custom Header and Footer
  • 1 SEO Optimized Page
  • Mobile Friendly Class Schedule
  • Contact Form
  • FAQ Section
  • Responsive Design
  • Training Included


$1495setup fee
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • 2 Sets Of Revisions
  • Custom Header and Footer
  • 1 SEO Optimized Page
  • Mobile Friendly Class Schedule
  • FAQ Section
  • Contact Form
  • Responsive Design
  • Training & Support Included
  • Blog Included (Optional)


$1995+setup fee
  • Up to 10 pages
  • 5 Sets of Revisions
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • 3 SEO Optimized Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Class Schedule
  • Contact Form
  • FAQ Section
  • Responsive Design
  • Training & Support Included
  • Blog Included (Optional)
  • Private Technique Library
  • Gym Shop (Ecommerce)

Ongoing Costs

Select An Option

Hosting Only

$99/ month
  • Security Patches
  • Site Maintenance
  • Plugin / Theme Updates
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Daily Cloud Backups

Hosting & Unlimited Updates

$149/ month
  • Managed Hosting
  • 100% Managed Site
  • Unlimited Page Updates
  • Unlimited Design Updates
  • Unlimited Support Requests


What does the monthly hosting fee include?2023-12-20T15:07:33-06:00

The monthly hosting fee includes high-speed hosting, support, maintenance, and continued use of all the plugins and other software it takes to run the site. Some of this has to be licensed on an ongoing basis, for example, we use a custom theme ($2500+ initial cost to develop) and plugins like Gravity Forms ($259/year), a landing page builder ($199/mo), and email newsletter software ($29-49/mo).  You also get to use our custom plugins like the mobile friendly martial arts schedule as well as any new plugins and features as they become available.

What does the support plan include?2023-12-20T15:07:26-06:00

The monthly support plan is a way for you to be totally hands off with the website after it’s live. This means you can message us anytime to add or edit content or make other updates to your site (add or update images, add a video, update your logo, connect to a CRM, etc).

Is a domain name included?2023-12-20T15:07:09-06:00

Nope. Domain names and hosting are separate, though they need to be linked together (and some all in one services bundle them). You’ll pay an annual fee for whatever domain name you want using a “Domain Registrar” like and then give that domain some information about who is hosting your website (we’ll help you do that part).

Is a branded email address included?2023-12-20T15:07:16-06:00

Branded email addresses are a nice way to add a sense of professionalism to your gym website (for example we have an email address which comes to both Ashley and myself (Josiah).

Setting up a branded email isn’t included explicitly in the website plan, but we can point you in the right direction for free or help set it up for you for an additional fee.

A service we’d recommend (that we use ourselves) is Google Workspace, which is about $5 per user per month. It works exactly like Gmail but your email address will be at your domain name.

Can you tell me more about the technical details?2023-12-20T15:07:01-06:00

Sure! Our sites are built on WordPress which is super flexible and has an easy-to-use editor. We use what we’ve found to be the best premium WordPress theme (it’s based on Avada) and plugins (for example, Gravity Forms which can be connected with many third-party services). We manage all the licenses needed to run these on your website and include high-speed web hosting that uses a CDN (content delivery network) and caching to ensure your site loads quickly.

We include most of the plugins you should need for your site, including some we’ve had custom-built that you won’t find anywhere else. If you need a specific plugin installed, you can let us know. Part of the benefit of working with our team is that we’ve had a combined 15+ years of experience working with WordPress, so we can likely point you in the direction of better tools for the job and keep you from installing something dangerous or difficult to manage on your site.

What happens if I cancel?2023-12-20T15:08:15-06:00

You’re free to cancel at any time. Once you cancel we shut down the site and provide you with any of the written content you need or data (for example contacts we’ve collected) for the new site.  If you want to move to a different service, you still own your domain name so you can just point your domain to the new service you’re using.

I have another question.2023-12-20T15:08:36-06:00

If you have any other questions just let us know. We’re happy to hear from you.

How long will it take to build my website?2023-12-20T15:01:46-06:00

We will have your website launched within 2 weeks after we collect all of the information we require from you. The purpose of the onboarding call is to make it easy for you to provide all of the information we need without it taking too much of your time.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?2023-12-20T15:07:43-06:00

The Brave website platform makes it easy for you to update text or swap out photos without worrying about accidentally “breaking” something. We will provide you with written + video instructions for updating any part of your website. Additionally, if you run into any issues, you can always reach out to us for support.

What is the onboarding process like?2023-12-20T15:09:13-06:00

After you submit payment, we will send you a form to fill out to provide basic information about your business. We will also have you schedule an onboarding call, where we’ll gather all the detailed information we need to build your site. After all required information is provided, we’ll schedule a site launch date 2 weeks later. After the site is launched, you’ll have one week to request any revisions, which will be completed the following week.

Can you add X to my website?2023-12-20T15:08:00-06:00

We consider requests for custom features and functionality on a case-by-case basis. Email us at to ask about features or functionality that we don’t offer by default.

Do you offer a guarantee?2023-12-20T15:08:27-06:00

We want you to be happy with your website. If you don’t feel you received the value you paid for, you may request to cancel and receive a full refund for up to 30 days after we launch your website.

What if I already have a website?2023-12-20T15:09:20-06:00

No problem! We can help you migrate over from your existing website to your new template in as little as one week!