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Website Design For Fitness Studios

Get more members for your fitness studio with a custom website that sells while you sleep.

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Where Most Fitness Studio Websites Get It Wrong

Example of bad martial arts website design

Bad Design

Your website shouldn’t make it hard for people to find the information they need.

Many fitness studio websites are difficult to navigate and almost unusable on mobile devices, and that’s where around 90% of your traffic is coming from.

Are you missing out on potential customers due to a frustrating experience on your website?

No Follow Up

If you’re not incentivizing site visitors to sign up for your email list, around 90% of your website visitors will never step foot in your studio – but it’s not because they’re not interested…

Most of those people really are interested, but for any number of reasons aren’t ready to sign up today.

But you know what they say: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Our websites are designed to help you easily follow up and stay top of mind.

Website design with slow loading times

Slow Load Times

A slow loading website can hurt your SEO.

Google penalizes websites that don’t load quickly and look good on mobile devices.

Getting a good page speed score is something that takes work and consistent maintenance. If you don’t have someone on your team keeping your website running fast, over time you may start dropping in search results.

How We’re Different

Home Page Screenshot Of Martial Arts Web Web Design Client

Professional Quality Web Design

Imagine a world where every week you have new customers showing up at your fitness studio and when you ask them how they found out about your business, their answer is always, “through the website.”

Simultaneously, you get to sleep peacefully knowing that someone else is handling the the tech.

Killer PageSpeed and Load Time

Google Loves Our Websites.

Our fitness studio websites are designed with clean code and no bloat so they will keep running fast and doing their job as a “silent salesman”.

…and that’s one of many reasons Brave clients will likely outrank their neighboring fitness studios in Google search results.

Google Page Speed Score for one of our martial arts web design clients
Picture of an email follow up sequence from

Automatic Lead Follow Up

The Brave Website Platform provides you with fully-automated lead nurture emails that are guaranteed to convert more website visitors into members.

Additionally we set your site up to be able to retarget anyone who visits your website with ads and special offers on Facebook and Instagram.

Built For SEO

Did we mention that Google loves our sites?

Our websites are designed to rank extremely well for the relevant keywords in your area.

We can’t always guarantee a #1 ranking, but our websites and copywriting provide a very strong foundation.

Screenshot of Google #1 Search Result

The all-in-one fitness website design solution.

No plugins or hosting to set up or maintain. No design or SEO skills needed.