If you’re a martial arts gym owner, until you start running Facebook or Google ads and are ready to focus your energy on growing your martial arts business, your website and Google Business Profile are going to be the best way for new students to find out about your gym.

Your website and Google Business Profile are the best way for new students to find out about your gym.

We’ll talk a little more about your Google Business Profile in another email, but let’s talk about your website….

Many gym owners don’t really understand how important their website, along with their ranking in google search results, is in growing their business – especially in the early days.

As a martial arts or fitness studio, your website has the potential to become the #1 salesman in your business – silently working (even while you sleep) to bring new students in the door.

Let me share an example.

A couple of years ago my wife, Ashley, and I built a website for our home gym, Kokoro Training Academy, that has done pretty well.

Your website has the potential to be the #1 salesman in your business.

The prior website they had been using wasn’t bringing in many students, was somewhat difficult to navigate, and didn’t show up in Google search results.

The website we built for them was budget friendly, but we really tried to go the extra mile in understanding as much as we could about their business and the culture and communicating that clearly in the website.

We also gathered great images from their social media, helped write compelling content about their programs, and organized the pages in a way that was super user friendly and easy to navigate.

We understood the importance of having clear calls to action that tell interested visitors want to do to take next steps. And using our previous knowledge of search engine marketing, were also able to get a Kokoro ranked #1 in Google when someone searched for Jiu Jitsu gyms in Springfield, Missouri.

Overall we were all pretty happy with the results – the website started consistently bringing in an average of 12-13 new leads per month with a fairly high percentage of those leads becoming members.

As a result the gym has been able to grow steadily over the last two years without having to pay for advertising.

Not bad, right?

Stay with me for a minute, it gets better….

But let’s just stop for a second and imagine that your website brought in 12 new leads per month. And let’s just pretend that just three of them (25% of them) became paying customers at an average rate of $150 a month.

Those aren’t huge numbers, but with those numbers alone your website is making you $450 in new monthly recurring revenue every single month. That’s an additional $5400 per year in monthly recurring revenue.

And here’s the kicker….

After Ashley and I decided to go all in on the martial arts niche and focus exclusively on helping gym owners with growing their martial arts businesses, we completely revamped the Brave website theme and web design process with the explicit goal of capturing more leads for martial arts studios.

In addition to having a general focus on improving conversions, the new website we launched:

  • Has beautiful “squeeze pages” for each program the gym offers that encourage visitors to submit their info in exchange for a free trial
  • Displays the gym’s Google reviews on the home page and throughout the site to build trust and credibility
  • Shows off a dynamic home page video
  • Loads blazingly fast on desktop and mobile (which encourages Google to rank us highly in search results)
  • And much more…

It’s too soon to share numbers, but we’re expecting that new website on the updated Brave web platform will have a big impact the amount of leads and inquiries coming in from organic traffic.

In addition, one feature we launched in particular will help the gym rank well in search results for the more broad keywoard of “martial arts in X city”, which could potentially double the actual organic traffic to the website – taking them from an average of 12 leads per month to around 30 leads per month.

Ok, so assuming that same 25% conversion rate with these new numbers, now that $450/month in additional revenue has jumped to $1050/month – or $12,600 in additional monthly recurring revenue per year.


And all of that is without adding paid traffic into the mix.

There are a few other factors that go into determining how many organic leads your website can bring in per month – the main ones being the size of your local market, your Google search results ranking, and your Google my business ranking. But the fact is this:

Your website’s job is to be a silent salesman for your gym – quietly bringing in new leads and helping you convert them to gym members, growing your martial arts business while you focus on providing a great experience for your students.

So I just have one question for you….

Is your website your #1 salesman?

If not, click here to learn more about our web design services or check out our web design pricing guide.

Josiah and Ashley,
Brave Gym Marketing

Published On: November 7th, 2023 / Categories: Website Design /